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Mains tasks

Consultations are available to health professionals and any other interested person. They deal with issues or problems relating to legal or ethical medical practice. The answers given by various collaborators of the CURML does not constitute a legal opinion, but want to be an aid to decision making in situations of complex medical care.

Field of activity

Health law and ethics (biobanks, genetic research, biomedical research, research involving prisoners), humanitarian medicine and human rights in places of detention.


  • Prof. B. Elger, MD PhD, MA, Associate Professor : bio, publications, (bibliographie)
  • Dr M. Ummel, méd. lic. iur. and coll., bibliographie. Dr M. Ummel is a collaborator of the Institute of Biomedical Ethics. The courses of clinical ethics that are given by the institute are closely coordinated with the CURML
  • And several co-workers involved in various ongoing research projects.

General information

  • The guidelines of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences can be found on the website. Regulations governing scientific integrity, published by the same organization, are also available on this site.


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